I don’t work with losers

Drew and I are sitting here watching Michael Moore on the Piers Morgan Tonight show. I haven't watched this show since Howard Stern was on. Piers is taking questions from the audience, many of them are unemployed academic types like journalists. It got me thinking: Are American college graduates too fluffy and academic? Are people... Continue Reading →


Who am I?

I tried on some really beautiful wedding dresses today at Nicole Miller. The shopgirl was really cool and skinny but I didn't feel fat. She took my picture so I could go home and decide which dress I want. As usual, I tried on just one more dress. It was THE ONE. Well, it's THE... Continue Reading →

My Whole Body

My brother posted an article on his Facebook page called "The Iron," written by Henry Rollins. Henry makes many points in his article (take ten minutes to read it, the link is below) but there was one that made me say "YES!" Henry said "people have become separated from their bodies. they are no longer... Continue Reading →


My working definition of Integrity is doing what you say you are going to do, even when no one is looking. It's hard. Just when I think I've got it down and my force field is up, someone starts kicking it. Like kicking the tires on a car to assess it. Kicking the tires of... Continue Reading →

Occupy Yourself

Originally posted on my Blogspot and Tumblr accounts which I've abandoned... Occupy Wall Street has me thinking and doing. I opened up checking and savings accounts at a local credit union on Friday. As soon as my shiny new debit card arrives it's switcharoo time. Buh bye Chase. I liked the "convenience" of countrywide ATMs... Continue Reading →

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