Occupy Yourself

Originally posted on my Blogspot and Tumblr accounts which I’ve abandoned…

Occupy Wall Street has me thinking and doing. I opened up checking and savings accounts at a local credit union on Friday. As soon as my shiny new debit card arrives it’s switcharoo time. Buh bye Chase.

I liked the “convenience” of countrywide ATMs and a smartphone app. I don’t need it. I need to be accountable and plan ahead.

Chase charges me fees on top of the fees I’m charged by the non-Chase ATM. On average, I use a non-Chase ATM once a month accruing at least $5 in fees per month. It’s only $60 per year, but still, that’s MY sixty bucks. Who am I kidding, that’s my ONE HUNDRED bucks per year since I like to go to Vegas and never seem to bring enough cash.

I have two credit cards through Chase. The Wedding is taking a good bite out of my credit cards. I reserved the ceremony and reception sites on my card. I put down a deposit on a DJ on my card. I bought my dress on my card (mom paid me back over 1/2 of that yaythxmom!). I’ve reserved our hotel rooms on my card. And soon I’ll be purchasing flights to and all over South America on that card.

Being a planner and (self-proclaimed) DIY finance gal, I thought I’d set up automatic weekly payments to pay down the debt. Chase has other plans. One’s only options for automatic payments are to pay the full balance or minimum payment on the payment due date. I’m hacking this by setting a Google Calendar reminder to pay $100 every Friday to my Chase card.  However, I’m human, and still have free will and choice and can (will?) choose to snooze the calendar reminder, “forgetting” to pay. At least a few times a month.

The banks have us over a barrel. We only have ourselves to blame. Why do I have three credit cards? Why is there a balance on all three??

I’ve lived in Orange County for most of my time here in Southern California. I’m not an OC type of gal. I don’t keep my hair unnaturally blonde and straight, have fake nails, high heels, a latte or botox habit, aftermarket breasts and a Beemer. I’m a mover. I break leases, pay high deposits and hire moving trucks to chase after the next apartment or house. I give myself “mobility” with cash advances.

Ugh. My heart squeezes to type this. I’m so embarrassed.

I’m still paying for that cute house with the big yard, that cottage with the granny garden, our first apartment and now the beach triplex with the unheard of yard.

I’m guilty. I’m part of this machine. The Wedding industry. Credit Cards. Minimum Payments. Consumerism.

I’ll be OK. I’ve identified where I’ve gone wrong. That’s the first step. I’m part of the 99%.

Listening to:
2 Chainz – Spend It

James Altucher – I Was Blind But Now I See


Tofu Scramble
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  1. Thanks for being honest! I have been thinking about switching to a credit union, but I need to do more research and learn about them. I do know, I’m tired of chase charging me fees.

    1. I’m lucky we have a few local credit unions that have reciprocity with other credit unions throughout the country, no ATM fees 🙂 It was a great experience opening my account in person with them. Call ahead, many credit unions are busy with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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