My Whole Body

My brother posted an article on his Facebook page called “The Iron,” written by Henry Rollins. Henry makes many points in his article (take ten minutes to read it, the link is below) but there was one that made me say “YES!”

Henry said “people have become separated from their bodies. they are no longer whole.”

You can read Henry’s post for the male point of view. Its centered around lifting weights. I know ladies lift weights too, but when I think of my female body, I think about how fat I look in my jeans and how crabby I am at a certain time of the month. It’s like nothing ever fits right and then I become possessed by the monthly devilbeast, pushing away my fiance, my friends and my pets. Usually, I just wear the jeans with the spandex blend and pop a Midol and all is better.

The past two months, well, mostly the last 3 weeks, I’m employing a new approach. Sparked by the food documentary “Foodmatters,” the fiance and I binge-shopped and bought vitamins. We dabble in the occasional multivitamin, recently throwing out some unfortunately moldy Flintstones vitamins. This time, it’s serious. At night, we stand in front of the fridge (keeping our shiny new vitamins safe from the Flintstones fate) and pop a multivitamin. His is the male version with stuff for the “male system” like lycopene, saw palmetto, zinc, B-complex, spirulina and probiotics. Since I’m female, my cocktail is more complicated:

  • prenatal multivitamin (I figure anytime before children is prenatal, so why not?)
  • evening primrose oil (for women’s health, aka anti-bitch vitamin)
  • B-12 (for red blood cells)
  • biotin (like every bride-to-be I’m growing my hair, nails and skin cells)
For extra boost, I keep these herbs in the cabinet:
  • Woman’s Moon Cycle by Yogi Tea: blend of dong quai, chaste tree berry, raspberry leaf, juniper berry, and chamomile. (basically, everything my friend at Closed Lids told me about! check my links for her page)
  • Kava Stress Relief by Yogi Tea: the only thing other than a Midol that can help my cramps at that time of the month
  • St. John’s Wort: I use this at the first sign of PMS with amazing results.
Last year, I turned down my doctor’s offer of a Prozac prescription to treat my PMS, or PMDD as she diagnosed it. I knew I could do better than popping a zombie pill. Some of you may think I’m still popping a pill by taking the St. John’s Wort. I see it as an easy way to get that amazing herb in my body, when I choose to put it there.
I’ve stopped treating my body as an entity to either be controlled or passively dealt with. I feel whole just like Henry.

The Iron by Henry Rollins | Oldtime Strongman.


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  1. Good for you! I am soo with you on this! Te-connecting with our bodies. Before I started practicing yoga I lived from the neck up, tried not to even think of what was below…

    1. I have to get back into it. There’s a series on called Zen in the Den that has some good 20min yoga sessions to keep things fresh.

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