Who am I?

I tried on some really beautiful wedding dresses today at Nicole Miller. The shopgirl was really cool and skinny but I didn’t feel fat. She took my picture so I could go home and decide which dress I want. As usual, I tried on just one more dress. It was THE ONE. Well, it’s THE ONE material. It’s $1650. More on that later.

I drove home the usual route taking El Camino Real to Leucadia Boulevard. At that intersection, about a dozen folks from age 20ish to 50ish were marching in the crosswalks with signs in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were chanting:

“WE are the 99 percent YOU are the 99 percent”

I honked to show my support along with two other vehicles. There were at least 12 vehicles stopped at this traffic light. As they crossed the street one of the marchers put up two fingers in a peace sign at an SUV driver in the lane next to me and said “peace man!” The driver yelled something back (I then realized the peace sign was in response to SUV guy) and the marcher then said “I HAVE a job.”

A lady marcher was smiling at the drivers and the Lexus lady two lanes over must not have smiled back. Lady marcher said “I’m just trying to put a smile on your face” and smiled big. Lexus lady must have had some puss on her face because lady marcher then smiled even bigger.

I waved at some marchers on the sidewalk as they went by. One guy was in an IBEW t-shirt, an electrician. He looked at me knowingly as I was in my company vehicle with a contractor name on the side. The light turned green and I continued West on Leucadia Boulevard towards the beach.

As I drove south on Pacific Coast Highway, windows down, I thought about the dresses I had just tried on. I really liked that last one. I would definitely have to put it on a credit card. Then I’d sell the dress I already bought on eBay or a bridal website. I wouldn’t make the money back, but it would be enough to satisfy me. The $1650 Nicole Miller dress is $400 more than I paid for the dress I have.

I approached the last stop sign before home and noticed the post was full of signs for the BIG CACTUS SALE Drew and I had joked about earlier. Is it ONE BIG CACTUS or is it the sale that’s big? Oh grammar humor.

There was a lady standing at the stop sign holding a cardboard sign. I figured she was advertising the BIG CACTUS SALE too. I stopped at the stop sign and read her sign:


She was standing right there, right outside my door, my windows down. We locked eyes and I quietly said “hi.”

I choked up as I drove away.

Who am I to put a $1650 wedding dress on a credit card? I didn’t even have the money to buy the first dress! Who am I to buy a SECOND dress?! I know it’s a special day and blah blah blah, but what am I going to do with a $1650 dress after the wedding? I can’t wear it again. Who am I, J Lo? I don’t wear a dress once!

I turned into the neighborhood. I saw a family with at least four kids unloading shiny new bikes from their huge SUV. I turned onto my street. I backed into the driveway.

I know just who I am. I’m a person that backs into the driveway so I can safely leave again.

Here’s the link to my craigslist ad for the wedding dress, maybe you know someone interested in this beautiful Maggie Sottero Rhianna Royale gown? http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/clo/2664769102.html


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  1. Nice ending! I’m a sucker for a girl with a good ending.A good ending is like (this is my MFA talking and the same thing I told my classes, back when I had a job) taking a package and tying a nice little bow around it.

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