Cocoon and Butterfly

Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale in 2002. I was enamored with both of them at the time. Gavin was the broodingly handsome British singer of Bush. And Gwen, well, duh. She’s only the most amazing, beautiful, talented woman to walk the earth and I just know we’d be fast friends if we met.

They were on tour together that year and I had grand plans of it being my first concert. My parents wouldn’t let me go. It was too far away, I forget if it was in Fargo or Minneapolis. No matter, I lived in the middle of nowhere at the time. My best girlfriend Heidi and I would buy plaid pants at the local thrift stores, copying Gwen’s look from the “Just a Girl” video.

I finally saw Gwen in concert two years ago. She blew me away, my girlfriends and I sang every word and danced our asses off. Most of the other concertgoers were there for Katy Perry and looked at us like we were Golden Girls.

my Gwen pouf is flat yet inspired.

Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. It consumes my available brain space which isn’t much these days. The details of a wedding, especially THE detail of THE dress, are intimidating. Lately, I’m letting go of some details, realizing that there just isn’t enough time in a day, and certainly not enough days left until THE day. No one is going to notice if I don’t do the big DIY project I’ve been thinking about.

You know who had a perfect dress? Gwen Stefani. She didn’t spend hours crouched over a laptop searching bridal blogs or endure the endless racks of heavy gowns in cramped bridal boutiques. No. John Galliano just MADE the dress for her. He asked her if he could.

Gwen and Gavin, as I picture them in my head. Forever.

I’m no muse, so I continue to search. I’ve been thinking about a book I finished months ago, “The Conscious Bride,” and it is helping me understand where my intense feelings about a wedding dress are coming from. The book said the dress represents the princess side in all of us brides. The white in traditional dresses symbolizes the virginal, modest young woman we are before marriage (it’s OK if you’re laughing now). We want to feel like and be adored and admired like a princess. Earlier this year, Kate Middleton literally experienced this (and you can buy a $300 version of her dress).

The book goes on to explain that the dress is the vehicle in which we transform from a princess to a queen through the marriage ceremony.  The book reassures me that my feelings are related to the transformation and not so much the dress I’ll experience it in.  It’s no wonder I’m feeling completely out of my mind and can’t describe the dress I’m looking for to my mother, sister or girlfriends. I’m trying to find the perfect garment:  classic yet modern, elegant and a little edgy, cocoon and butterfly.


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  1. Love it! Very creative I understand totally! You want a wedding dress that looks like a hoody that you can spill beer and hot wings on and also feel sexy. Why didn’t you just say so..

    1. the funny thing is I was thisclose to googling “hooded wedding dress” and then thought better of it. I totally would like pockets though.

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