I will always wear flats!

Less than 90 days to go and our wedding has a life of its own. It’s an entity and I refuse to give it a gender like some cars are she’s or he’s. The foundation is in place, deposits are paid, food and cake is tasted and chosen, and now just the finishing touches remain. 

It’s these finishing touches that I’m enjoying the most. DIY projects that I’ve chronicled on my Evernote notebook and blog links I’ve maybe abnormally lusted after: some are happening and others are deleted forever. I have chosen the projects that mean the most to me and are the least stressful. Very reminiscent of how we pared down our guest list! 

Heck, I even ordered my shoes! Flats, if you must know. But that’s all I’ll tell you. In the spirit of choosing things that mean the most, I decided comfort and the ability to walk normally and dance for hours were of utmost importance. 

Earlier this year, I bought myself an expensive pair of flats in Las Vegas. I decided, after a night out in some really fashionable yet totally uncomfortable heels, that I was NOT a heels girl. I committed to myself that I would from then on only wear flats. Nights out are more enjoyable when you don’t have to navigate everything as if you’re in the dark on cobblestone and every step could present a hazard. 

I really feel like I’ve chosen a life partner that makes me feel like I’m walking in flats instead of heels. 

Our to-do lists are in order, tasks are scheduled on the weekends and RSVPs are rolling in. I’m breathing somewhat normally now. Seems like he is too. The overwhelming feelings I had immediately after he proposed and then again after we signed the event contract for the wedding have FINALLY given way to a clear head. I feel like I am now in a good mental state to understand and really feel the transition that’s about to take place. Judging from shows like Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress, I think some brides never reach this head space. 

The literal foundation is in place: our relationship has grown in an interesting and comforting way the past year. We are preparing for the next phase of our lives. We’ll be making decisions as this new coupled unit soon. The wedding ceremony will set that foundation in front of our family and friends. Then the finishing touches and little details will start to come into place and continue for the rest of our lives.





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