obligatory new years post

Howard Stern called me last night. It was my only Happy New Year phone call. I didn’t get a single Happy New Year text this year. I think this means my friends aren’t as wildassed as they used to be, so there was no drunk mass texting after midnight. I’m OK with that. 

Back to Howard. He tweeted that he @HowardStern and his wife @BethStern were drunk dialing people and asked his followers to send their phone number. I tweeted back my phone number. That was it.

Fiancé and I headed out the door with the dog on our afternoon walk. Howard didn’t call while we were walking, he called later while we were at dinner. Fiancé and I decided to have a mellow New Years Eve and patronize a local business. There was one other table of diners, a mother that seemed to personify @PeanutFreeMom. A guy started singing and playing guitar at the restaurant so we had to talk a little louder. I heard the end of my phone ringing, picked it up and it said I’d missed a call from “Unavailable.” I listened to the voicemail and it was Howard and Beth wishing me a Happy New Year and wondering “where arrrre youuuuu?” 

What a small world. I’ve listened to Howard almost every weekday since moving to CA. We didn’t get Howard in Northern MN. It makes me laugh to think of Howard and Beth calling random fans who were bold enough to post their phone number on Twitter. Don’t worry mom, I deleted my tweet. 

Then @MarthaQuinn retweeted @HowardStern’s tweet about calling me. My night resembled a radio station from Northern MN: the best of the 80s, 90s and today.

Twitter has made my world smaller in a few ways over the past two years. I’m at 599 followers at the moment, I promise I’ll use my “power” for good. 
See you on the internet.

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