the final countdown

(keep that song in your head)

26 days until the wedding. 

I have no idea how we are staying on track and have done such grown up things as secure a venue to get married at and celebrate after, pre-marital counseling, send invitations, get our photos taken, write vows, and acquire the license that makes it legitimate. In the past two weeks the volume got turned back up (see previous post in which I told you that the volume was turned DOWN).

I feel like I’m sprinting breathlessly toward the finish line of a race I didn’t realize I was running. Things have sped up, like the treadmill adjusting it’s slope and speed and now I have to grasp the handle thingies. The handles that check your pulse and estimate what “zone” you’re in. 

I’m definitely in the fat burning zone. Often peaking into anaerobic, where I’m not burning fat, I’m expending energy that won’t give me the bottom line result I want anyway. So why do it?

I literally need to stay in the fat burning zone. My dress fits perfect right now (oops, the P word) so I need to maintain my shape. This should be easy, except the damn Easter bunny put Cadbury eggs in the stores already. 

Fat burning zone is the efficient place to be during your workout. You’re not pushing too hard, but it’s still a little difficult to carry on a normal conversation. After this weekend, I’ve got to consciously keep myself in that efficient zone. No one expects normal conversation from me right now anyway.




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