Unemployment Glaze

My eyes have glazed over and I’m worried my vision has changed. It is blurred and I have to make the pages bigger on my MacBook to read them. I don’t want to go through that laser eye surgery experience (trip?) again. Hopefully it’s all in my mind. 

I’m sitting on my old bed in my old bedroom where I lived for my last two years of high school. This time, my six (almost 7!) year old dog is at my feet and my husband’s cat (my step cat?) is scratching at his litterbox.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m scrolling through all the usual job posting websites. I see a lot of the same posts, but maybe there’s something new in there, so I keep looking. Earlier this morning, I perused the newspaper classifieds while dining on fresh waffles courtesy of my mom, topped with real maple syrup courtesy of the neighbor kids. 

I think I’m actually a statistic. I’ve recently read of a trend of mid- to late-20’s “children” moving back in with their parents due to the economy. I don’t classify myself as that, since this was my husband’s and my choice to relocate to my home state to settle down. We moved willingly, we weren’t forced out of jobs or a home. Also, we aren’t in our 20s anymore, we are 31 years old. 

We’re in that sweet spot of having the desired 7-10 years of experience in our chosen fields and Masters degrees. Yeah, it’s sweet alright. I think one could say we are in the worst position. Baby boomers are working longer, prolonging their retirement for many reasons. I’ve seen employers post jobs advertising full-time jobs and later see the same job posted as an “intern wanted.” I can’t blame them for wanting to watch costs. But, they’re missing out by not recruiting us awesome, not too jaded, still willing to work hard, 7-10yrs experienced, early to mid-30s superstars. 

It’s not all about the money. Some employers have realized that they can lure and retain us 7-10yrs experienced superstars with flexible work schedules, one more week of vacation than average and creative benefits like Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Heck, I might have to use that HSA to get my eyes lasered up again after this job search!

I realize I haven’t blogged in awhile, so I may not get any responses. But, I’d like to ask my audience some questions:

What have you done to combat unemployment blahs? 

If you’re a statistic like me, how did you manage living at home again? 

What are some benefits that would lure and retain you?



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