I haven’t driven a car regularly since the end of April. That’s when my husband and I set off from Encinitas to Minneapolis. We only have one car, his, and it’s a stick shift. Somehow, I never learned to drive stick. Growing up in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, you’d think I could drive all sorts of things, but I conveniently always drove an automatic. I can totally drive a lawn mower, 4 wheeler and snowmobile, but not a super sweet sports car.

My husband has driven me to work every day since I started the new job in early July. It’s fun to have a commuting buddy, and someone to drive while I tweet, facebook, text and email. I realized I was taking up a huge chunk of his day that he could be spending working. So last week, we decided I would rent a car for the rest of this month.

We decided to rent since we are in the process of buying a home and do not want to finance anything else at this point. Renting for the month costs about the same as a car payment, so it fits in the budget.

I pulled away from the Dollar/Thrifty lot a little shaky. Like getting on a bike for the first time in awhile. My navigation lady robot was telling me where to go and the sun was on my left cheek. The driver’s side seatbelt felt a little weird on my pregnant belly.

I had fun merging into traffic, until the fun stopped in traffic on 35W North. That was actually the perfect place to slow down. The Minneapolis skyline was right in front of me and a nice pre-fall breeze was coming through the windows.

My husband had cramped my car singing style, so I did what any Minnesota girl would do in traffic… I turned on KDWB and sang along to all the stupid Top 40 songs. From LMFAO to Taylor Swift, I sang and the baby danced around. I’m looking forward to more “solo” car time, just me and the baby, singing and dancing along to the “lovely” sound of my voice.

I felt like a teenager who was driving alone for the first time further than 10 miles from the house. Freedom!!

My freedom and happy feelings were checked as I drove past the vet’s office. Right in the middle of singing “I Love Rock and Roll,” I burst out crying, thinking about my dog’s last days only a few weeks ago.

After dinner, while my husband and I were relaxing, I burst out crying again, thinking about my dog and how much I miss him. I was full-on boohooing when a little fart snuck out.

I blame pregnancy. Ups, downs, and I can laugh at all of it. Laugh so hard I might cry.


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  1. Gosh, I got jealous just reading about it! There’s nothing like solo car time to drive wherever you want, rock out however you want and cry whenever you want. And then laugh about it : )

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