I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged since September 7, 2012. So much has happened since then (sorry, that’s most cliche sentence you will ever see on this blog).

I do have many ideas for future posts about my pregnancy, labor & delivery, and post-partum life. Life is good! “Post-partum” does not always have to be immediately followed by “depression.” It’s been the best time of my life, and I just have not had the time to do it justice in blog posts.

Drew and I have the most beautiful baby girl Moselle Lily. We are in love with her and have been changed in ways that we did not anticipate! I expect that I’ll have some time on my hands in the coming months to write some great blog posts. I have answers to everything that is in my Google search history from the pregnancy. I searched for some pretty weird $#!* that’s for sure. I found that there’s things you just have to learn and experience on your own. Books and blogs can’t completely prepare you for this. And that’s just fine.


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