Meditations over cat litter

As a new parent, I’ve found quiet time is hard to come by. Duh, understatement of the year, but we all need to learn our own lessons, don’t we? There are two distinct places I get quiet time these days.

This morning while cleaning the cat’s litterbox I realized my brain was dreaming and planning. I was thinking about things I can’t tell you about yet.

How I’m going to talk to the hairstylist tomorrow at the salon?

What should I do this weekend?

Am I playing with my daughter enough and in the ways she needs for proper development?

I remembered a story I read about how women in tribes used to congregate in the “red tent” during their periods. They’d hang out, make crafts and clothes and talk. When your hands are occupied, your mind has time to wander. You can choose to focus those wanderings or let your brain take you where it will. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have company (in the red tent or otherwise) you can have some great conversation.

My other quiet place is the shower, but that’s boring and everyone knows that’s where mommies go to be alone!


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