Good for you Royal Baby!

I’m barely clicking along with social media lately, I’ve got a lot of life going on. I’ve gathered that the Royal Baby is, OMG, “late,” and is still inside Princess Kate. When asked, Camilla said she hopes the baby is out by the end of the week, apparently she has things to do. The Queen herself said she hopes the baby comes soon because she’s “going on holiday.”

As a proud mother of a nearly 7 month old who went a week beyond her due date, I am also proud of this Royal Baby and Kate.

My due date was pretty cool, 12/12/12. I had read enough blogs and books to know that the due date can’t necessarily be counted on. Or counted down to. On 12/12/12, the Mayan calender was wrong, and I went to IHOP for breakfast with my husband and mother-in-law. My MIL had booked a visit to frosty MN from sunny FL for one week prior to my due date to 5 days after. It seemed like a foolproof plan to have some pre-baby hangout time, a visit to the birth recovery suite, and maybe be able to cook us a meal on the baby’s first day home. She tried not to act disappointed as I dropped her off at the airport, pregnant belly grazing the steering wheel.

Later that day, the OBGYN practice monitored my belly and told me I could still be pregnant.

The next day, I started having contractions, and that night, just before midnight, I had Moselle.

My MIL missed the baby’s birth by 2 days.

My MIL passed away last week. I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, except that you can’t time things. You’ve got to just live. It’s not about bungee jumping. Do your best and do what you feel is right. Spend your time with the people who matter most to you. That’s how you avoid regrets.


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