“Never Go Back To This Life Again”

I use Evernote to keep my life together. I’m a list-maker and it’s what works for me. 

While cleaning up my Evernote-book this afternoon, I came across a note titled “Daily Routine – Never Go Back To This Life Again.” I remember reflecting on this list multiple times as we contemplated our move from SoCal to Minneapolis and then back again. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at your life, and all the gritty details, down to the hour, to see what is important. If only just to see how much time you’re spending on stuff that completely does NOT matter.

Here it is, in it’s entirety, from February 28, 2012:

4 or 5am-6am
1. Wake up ungodly early: M-F alarm is set for 5am. Lately with the wedding, I’m up by 3:47am.
2. Stumble to the bathroom by the light of my cell phone.
3. Potty.
4. Hot washcloth on face.
5. Brush teeth while doing lunges
6. Stumble back to bedroom by cell phone light if I didn’t lay out today’s outfit last night. Get dressed.
7. Pet the pets or let dog out
8. Take vitamins
9. Start coffee for Drew (only if I get up at 5am, not earlier)
10. Put on work boots.
11. Drive to work.
*Things I can do differently:
– wake up at 4am and work out
– post another night light in bathroom and keep door ajar
– add an essential oil or peppermint Dr. Bronner to my hot washcloth
– do entire “hippie shower” with Dr. Bronner soap, start clean, even massage from head to toe
– put next day’s clothes in the bathroom the night before
– have a 2nd play session with Enzo around 7pm so he is tired at night, don’t let him fall asleep early in the man cave.

6am-3:30pm or 4pm or later if there’s issues at the jobsite (lately, 6 or 7pm)
12. Unlock the trailers
13. Make coffee, fill my water bottle
14. Putz on the computer: twitter, gmail, file work emails in Outlook folders
15. Attend/Lead safety meeting
16. Fill out inspection forms
17. Putz on the computer more: work-related, then slip back into personal
18. Walk the job
19. More coffee
20. Putz on the computer
21. Walk the job
22. More coffee, more water.
23. Fight Fires, repeat.
24. Lunch: sit with team or putz on computer more
25. Walk the job
26. Fight Fires, repeat.
27. Leave at 3pm
28. Drive home, listening to Howard replay, Cosmo or Rude Jude. If Friday, gotta listen to music I can rap or sing to.
*Things I can do differently:
– quit my job 
– drink a full Nalgene bottle of water before drinking coffee, alternate coffee and water as necessary, cut off coffee by 9/10am
– limit personal computer time to stuff that is useful: making lists, “clipping” coupons
– each morning, write in work diary reminder book about what I did yesterday to set myself up for the day ahead.
– sit with team at lunch instead of putzing at computer
– pack a breakfast and lunch
– walk the job at stated intervals: after safety meeting, after morning break, right before lunch, after lunch, after p.m. break at end of the day – walk off the job at end of day with the guys. 

3:30pm-5:30pm (or after 7pm on a bad day)
29. Arrive at home.
30. Get the mail, open mail, organize mail.
31. Putz on the computer if dog doesn’t wanna walk right away.
32. Clean cat litter, clean doggy poo
33. Walk or run with the dog.
34. Tidy house, putz on computer until Drew gets home.
*Things I can do differently:
– have a better mail/bill organization system 
– don’t putz on computer until dog has been walked/run and house is tidied
– Have a method to my daily tidying routing: dishes/unload dw, wipe down surfaces, kitty litter, vacuum, tidy/arrange, light candle.
– keep minimal things in view at the house: books, mags, etc. Cubbies and places for everything (in a functional manner) – do all the cool org DIYs from Pinterest – they look cool and may help Drew actually WANT to organize. 

35. Figure out dinner.
36. Eat dinner, or not.
37. Watch TV or putz on the computer.
38. Let dog out and migrate to bedroom by 8/9pm. 
39. Take vitamins, brush teeth, wash face
*Things I can do differently:
– do the DIY menu board/planner so we aren’t lost on dinner ideas and just gorge/eat out
– fix dinner together, quality time – clean off the table/counter so one can hang out and be on computer while the other is cooking etc. NEXT HOUSE needs an open kitchen, counter etc. The kitchen as the hub, not the living room!
– 2nd play time with pets when we both are at home
– play time with EACH OTHER

40. Putz on the computer.
41. Fall asleep with computer, phone or iPad on me by 10 or 11pm.
42. Sit or lay jealous of Drew’s sound sleeping. 
43. Let dog out as he needs.
*Things I can do differently:
– get rid of this putzy time. This should be sexy time or lay in bed time! Read a book to fall asleep instead of TV: TV is stressful to turn off because we don’t have a remote
– need better headboard, shelves, nightstand to hold things we like by the bed side.


4 thoughts on ““Never Go Back To This Life Again”

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  1. I love the “things to do differently” … sometimes in our routines we just don’t think about the small ways we can make them better.
    Hope you’re loving the decision you guys made to move back. (I bet especially come this winter!)

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