obligatory Breaking Bad post

Since we “cut the cord” on cable, we watch our favorite show, Breaking Bad, a day late. It’s a small sacrifice to wait the 24 hours and limit our social media use to avoid spoilers. Which reminds me, if you haven’t caught up on BB, here’s your SPOILER ALERT…




OK. I have to admit, on some random evening in 2011 while scrolling through our Netflix list, we almost didn’t watch Breaking Bad. I had heard through Twitter that the show was amazing, so I added it to the Queue. We watched maybe the first 5 minutes where it’s revealed that Walt has lung cancer. I remember we stopped the playback then, I turned to Drew and asked him if he wanted to continue. He did not. His mother’s lung cancer had recently returned, and it really was too painful to watch Walt struggle for air.

A couple of weeks went by, more Twitter proclamations of the show’s awesomeness, and we tried it again. We were hooked. Whenever Walt’s lung cancer symptoms or treatment came up on the show, it continued to be emotional, but we powered through. 

The most recent episodes are really highlighting Walt’s fight with lung cancer. He’s coughing at what looks like minimal to moderate exertion, he’s getting thinner, and he’s receiving DIY chemo treatments in a shack in the woods. The theme of “I do all of this for my family” pervades, and I really believe him. He is starting to look really bad, and many people think he should just give up. Why is he still fighting the DEA when he’s so sick? Why is he still trying to get the money to his family? Just give up already!

I believe Walt will succumb to the lung cancer by the end of the series. However, I don’t think that should stop him from doing anything an otherwise healthy person would do. He is motivated by his family, even by his son who told him to “just die already.” Family is all that Walt has, the money in the barrels is his legacy. 

I’m not going to wrap this up and compare Walt to my mother in law, don’t worry! If I remember right, Walt wasn’t a smoker, though he has lit up on the show, because, well f$%& it he’s already got lung cancer. My mother in law never smoked. It’s a horrible disease to watch someone you love struggle with. Maybe Breaking Bad has brought some new eyes to lung cancer and better detection and treatment can be developed. 

Here we are, celebrating Sharon’s birthday last Valentine’s Day:



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