breastfeeding moms have feelings too

Breastfeeding is lonely. You've always got the baby with you, but it is a lonely deed. Moselle is 4 days away from 11 months old. Just in the past few weeks, I've felt like going out for a drink or at least wearing clothes other than those conducive to breastfeeding. As long as I'm the... Continue Reading →


Achievement: Unlocked!

Thank you Pinterest, again. A Pinner I follow repinned a post from a blogger called "10 ways to declutter your day." I'm always a sucker for decluttering and was feeling stuck in a time management black hole. Tip #1 at that link changed my mindset and approach to work-at-home life. The tip involves charging your... Continue Reading →

Always Aspiring

They say to fake it til you make it. The tagline on this blog and my Twitter profile is "aspiring renaissance woman." I was just informed last night by a reliable source that I truly am a renaissance woman, so I may need to drop the "aspiring" part. I'll keep it for now, because it's not... Continue Reading →

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