Always Aspiring

They say to fake it til you make it. The tagline on this blog and my Twitter profile is “aspiring renaissance woman.” I was just informed last night by a reliable source that I truly am a renaissance woman, so I may need to drop the “aspiring” part. 

I’ll keep it for now, because it’s not important, and also, I can’t think of anything to replace it with at the moment! What I WILL do is use this blog for all of my writing, whether it’s about parenting, couponing, snark, health, safety, or my new field of marketing & business development – every post will be on this blog under my real name. 

The funny thing is, my recent post on couponing got the most hits of any post of mine ever in the history of my blog. I won’t analyze that for you here, but it is telling. I was also asked to guest post on someone else’s blog on the topic. Stay tuned, as they say.

Sometimes, being a renaissance woman is paralyzing. My mind goes in multiple directions all of the time, it is often difficult to go with one thought. Some say that multitasking is not a reality, and I agree with them. I’ve been a work-at-home mom for nearly 6 months now. There is NO multitasking when you have a child at home with you. Yes, it’s taken me that full 6 months to realize that and just yesterday I changed my mindset and my approach to home-work.

Good thing I’m a list-maker. My new approach incorporates my love of lists, prioritizing those listed items, and capitalizing on my daughter’s solo play time and elusive nap times. When I find myself with time that I can use BOTH hands on the computer, I open my Evernote app and look at my work and personal to-do lists. Depending on the time of day and my mindset, I pick a task based on its deadline or complexity. Sometimes, I need to pick a low-hanging fruit, cross it off my list, and feel good about myself. Other times, I’m able to devote my full mental capacity to a task, so I pick a difficult one with a deadline. 

Until I perfect this, I suppose I’ll keep the “aspiring.” After all, we all are works in progress, getting better every day, always aspiring.



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