Achievement: Unlocked!

Thank you Pinterest, again. A Pinner I follow repinned a post from a blogger called “10 ways to declutter your day.” I’m always a sucker for decluttering and was feeling stuck in a time management black hole. Tip #1 at that link changed my mindset and approach to work-at-home life. The tip involves charging your laptop at night only. When you start work in the morning, you’re on battery power. Right now, my battery is at 6:07. Six hours is PLENTY of time for me to work my 3 or more hours of part-time time, do some browsing, and complete any business I need to do. Once the power is gone, that’s it. 

Well, obviously, I have my phone and iPad too…But I can’t do my real work on those. Time spent on my laptop must be spent wisely. 

I tried this out yesterday and accomplished my part-time work, some business, walked for 75 minutes on the local beach trail, cleaned the house a little bit, prepped and prepared a healthy dinner, fed my daughter breakfast/lunch/dinner*, fed myself breakfast/lunch/dinner, and even *gasp* took a shower!! 

*my daughter is almost 11 months old, breastfed, and usually gets at least 2 “solid” real food meals per day, aiming for 3 now to curb crabbiness and encourage naps.

Another tip from me is to close your social media tabs on your laptop when you’re working on work. This is difficult however, if your job involves social media like mine. In that case, mindfully navigate to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. When you want to post something, go to that site, post, and leave the site. Check your stats later! 

Do you have any time management tips related to technology? 


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