Boxing Day memories

I googled "Boxing Day" last night, just to make sure I knew exactly what it was for today. That act triggered a childhood memory. If you're an 80s child, you may have a similar memory. Remember how we used to look things up in encyclopedias? Maybe your parents had a set at home, they were... Continue Reading →


7 Real Talk Tips to Prevent a Cyber Attack on Your Wallet

Hi, my name is Abby, and I'm addicted to Target. I shop at Target in California as if it's an amazing feat that a Minnesota company has a store out here. I have had great success in proselytizing many SoCal natives into Target devotees. I like to think that people behind me in line are so... Continue Reading →

Hashtag Throwback Thursday

I realize it's after midnight PST, but I never "do" Throwback Thursday, so please indulge me. Unlike a typical Throwback Thursday social media post, I do not have a picture for this day. The day is so clear to me that I will never forget it. I had crepes at IHOP, convinced my husband it was... Continue Reading →

Spilling my Safety Secrets, Part 1

This post is aimed at my construction homies, specifically: superintendents, longtime foremen, and tradespeople with 10 years of experience that have an interest in safety. Heck, it's even for the people that have asked "what the hell do you do all day as the safety guy?" (yes, they were aware that I'm female, but "safety... Continue Reading →

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