Facebook, Feminism and the Mommy Wars

I can’t even remember the tweet that triggered this thought, but it’s something that’s been swirling around social media for a while. Facebook, feminism, and social media’s role in the Mommy Wars. My quick thoughts…


No, I’m not on social media ALL day. Though, I’ve been accused of this. Sure, my social media windows are up on my laptop as I’m getting other work done and oh yeah, chasing my darling kiddo around the house all day. I NEED those social media outlets. I NEED to check-in throughout the day with other work/stay-at-home moms. It keeps me, and us, sane. I’m quite sure that their social media use mirrors mine – while on the toilet, and brief sneaks at the screen throughout the day while our darlings are not looking. 


Social media has helped me become a better person. I am totally guilty of rolling my eyes and silently judging as I scroll through posts and videos from other parents on TwInstaVineBook. I view every scroll as an exercise in self-improvement. Slowly, and some days it takes longer than others, I remember to stop judging and to accept my fellow parents as they are. We are all trying to survive, raise good kids, and earn a living. What works for others doesn’t work for me, or I’ve chosen a different way. Big deal. Social media has provided this look into other people’s homes, and it’s up to us to be nice about it. When the urge hits you to roll your eyes, just click “like” and give your friend a boost instead.


The Mommy Wars don’t exist. Well, if we all think that, then we will make it so. I love that I’m parenting in the age of the internet. Instead of picking up the phone to ask silly questions, I turn to my girlfriend Google. There is a blog dedicated to every parenting style that you’ve ever heard of. Or NEVER heard of. I approach the internet like a buffet. All of the different parenting styles on cloth-draped tables, waiting for me to spoon up a bit of attachment parenting with a side of 80’s playpen parenting and a dollop of cry-it-out (not too much, thanks!). As long as we all refuse to be put in boxes and just consider ourselves PARENTS, the Mommy Wars don’t exist. 

I’m keeping this short to give my work/stay-at-home mom friends a quick boost, not an agonizing read. Thanks for keeping me sane, giving me ideas, and helping me to be a better person (all while on the toilet at 5am). I hope your darlings nap today.


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