10 Toddler Toys from the Dollar Store

I love the dollar store. My local one is called $.99 Only, so even better, everything is LESS than a dollar. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the super crafty toddler toy and activity ideas on Pinterest. Yeah, I pinned them. I had good intentions! 

On my weekly dolla store balla outing, I loaded up my cart with the usual cheap awesome pantry items (artichoke hearts? yes please), and bought the following items for Miss Moselle the Toddler to play with:

1. Plastic Spiderman plate with sections. Yes, there was a pink option available with Dora or someone on it, but girls can have superhero stuff too. Fun for sorting things like tiny stuffed barnyard animals.

2. Bright pink plastic colander with handle. It’s a drum, it’s a hat, you can even swat the cat! 

3. A turkey baster. The bulb is fun to squeeze, it makes a puff of air, and can be fun with water play later.

4. A whisk. She played with this in the cart at the store. It makes a great light sound when you hit it on things, like the cat, if you can catch him.

5. Mickey and Minnie maracas. OK, so these are actually meant to be toys. They aren’t too loud, the package says ages 3+, so supervision required. 

6. 102 glass marbles. DANGER! These are only safe where she can’t access them, so they’re inside a tightly screwed shut bottle. A bottle that she never drank out of, I have LOTS of those. The marbles are LOUD, so this is a special toy.

7. A 3-pack of bright sponges. Fun for the tub or for Tupperware with small amounts of water. We love water play, but mommy has learned to gauge how much water to put in the container to correspond with how much cleaning I feel like doing that day.

8. Bubbles and huge bubble wands. The dollar store has all of their spring toys out now. Bubbles can be used year-round, so stock up!

9. Puzzles. She’s too young, but there was a great USA puzzle with state capitols on it, so I snatched it up.

10. Earth’s Best Toddler Biscuits. Not a toy, but they keep her occupied for a bit and they don’t have sugar like graham crackers, ginger snaps, and other hard biscuit type food she likes to munch on. Much cheaper at the dollar store than regular stores. 

I hope this helps someone out! Once my little girl turned one, mastered her walking, and now continues to develop her personality and walking speed – she is terrifying, in the best possible way. 



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