My Cheapskate Week

There will no longer be safety posts on this blog. My husband Andrew and I started The Ferri Group LLC for our consulting business, so now all safety, health, environment, sales, and marketing posts will be at our business site

This week, I was in dire need of a haircut. It’s been about ten months since my last salon visit and my hair was just starting to hang out on top of my head…messy, no style, or in a messy non stylish bun. My usual gal was booked solid this week, so I turned to Craigslist. If you’ve perused the Free section on CL, you’ve probably seen the posts looking for hair models or advertising free haircuts at top Newport Beach salons (usually). Well, that last part is only if you’re lucky to live in Orange County as I currently do.

I found a five day old post looking for someone to do a bob haircut on, a la Diana Aragon or Nicole Richie’s current cut – minus the purple dye, bummer. I texted with the stylist a few times and we ended up in contact the next day and she had time in 45 minutes which was just enough time for me to drive to the salon. Damn OC you’re beautiful, but your traffic sucks! So I took the 5 to the 405 to the 55 and took a right.

I was greeted by Taylor, the stylist, and her manager. They looked at me like a lightbulb just turned on. They later told me they could tell my hair was pretty “virgin” and the cut would look great on me.

Three hours later I was caffeinated on multiple rounds of salon coffee and watching Taylor’s manager coach her through the final evening out of the length on the cowlicky side of my head.

My hair was perfectly flat-ironed, even, and I almost looked like Diana Aragon! I got Taylor’s card and there were thank you’s all around as I walked out. After driving two hours round trip and three hours in the salon chair (Taylor still had to do her regular assistant jobs of answering the phone, door, and shampooing), I definitely earned the haircut and Taylor was able to check the bob off of her learning list as she continues on her way to a full-fledged stylist.

Bottom line: I’d do it again! As long as I have the time for a long day at the salon, a book, or fully charged cell phone, I can handle the time spent for the free cut. The bonus is the manager who watches the cut and makes suggestions, and if needed, physically makes corrections.

The second cheapskate experience of this week was updating my makeup bag. I usually wear a hard hat and safety glasses for work, and zero makeup. But, with a shorter haircut, my face is a bit more exposed and I felt it was time to have some makeup options. As part of a regularly scheduled Target run with toddler in tow, I threw a handful of their house brand “e.l.f.” makeup into my cart. I picked some skin evening and high def options since I’ve been watching a lot of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. My verdict is that I’ll probably look better in cell phone pics and harshly lit offices.

My e.l.f. haul!

Since I’m very familiar with makeup shade names like buff, sand, and ivory, I luckily picked compatible colors in short time and each item is a keeper! Each e.l.f. item is under $5, most are $1! My Target Red Card saved 5% on all of it too, of course. 

Bottom line: With how infrequently I wear makeup, the cheapo e.l.f. is perfect for me! I’ll be back, especially if there is a Cartwheel deal or coupon!!

A bathroom selfie with my new cut and some e.l.f. makeup.

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