Minnesota OSHA Safety Grant Program


There’s a great opportunity for employers who conduct work in the state of Minnesota. Long story short, the agency will match your company, up to $10,000 for safety equipment, materials, or training! The grant form is available online here http://www.doli.state.mn.us/wsc/Grants.asp

There must be a safety inspection conducted with a recommendation regarding the item you’re requesting the grant for. If you don’t have an internal inspection with such information, look for previous service visits from your insurance agent or broker’s risk control consultant, past OSHA consultation evaluations, or safety committee meeting minutes.

Items that are commonly requested through the grant include:

– air quality equipment like four-gas monitors

– specialized fall protection equipment

– technology equipment related to tracking training or safety equipment (RFID tags, etc)

If you need assistance in writing your grant materials for the program, please contact The Ferri Group and we can help you get what you need.

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