Awards Season Challenge


It’s awards season in entertainment, and in safety too. If you are a current holder of a CSP, CHST, or OHST certification, listen up. There are 10 days left to apply for the BCSP’s Awards of Excellence. Did you know that since the award program’s inception in 2012, awards have only been presented to white men, in all categories (CSP, OHST, CHST)?




I want to challenge my fellow females in the industry and our minority colleagues. When I found out that the awards have only been received by men, my first thought was, “of course, because we women are busy working!”


I will not accuse or speculate as to why the awards have only gone to men, there are probably many reasons. I am sure you all can agree that women and minorities are well-represented in the safety and CSP/OHST/CHST community.

I challenge all of my fellow CSP/OHST/CHST-holders, or those that know a female or minority certification-holder, to apply for the award! The deadline is approaching, and the application is pretty simple. You could probably finish most of it during The Oscars this weekend…

Here’s the link to the application 


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