Road Construction Season is here!


Our client J&L Steel & Electrical Services continues their progress on the St. Croix Crossing project in Stillwater, MN. The project is receiving lots of attention this week as it has reached it’s halfway point. And, heck, it’s a “pretty” project to look at. It’s highly anticipated by locals, and now that the sun in shining again, it’s a great time to showcase the Minneapolis/St. Paul area’s “other” project. A bridge ain’t a stadium, but it’s impact is greater and longer lasting.

Many people take the roads and bridges they travel for granted. Now that it’s road construction season again in the upper Midwest, please make sure you slow for the cone zone and obey all posted work zone signs and flagpersons. It’s a short-term hassle for long-term gain. Remember that the folks you see working on the roads and bridges in bright yellow vests are someone’s parents, siblings, and friends – we don’t run around your office causing havoc, so please respect our “office” as you travel to yours.


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