Gamification in plain English Part 1


The countdown is almost on! I am really excited to have been chosen to speak at ASSE’s Safety 2015 in Dallas, TX. My presentation is on Gamification, as it’s a topic I’ve been very interested in over the past few years. I really believe that Gamification is a technique that can change the way that training is delivered and thereby retained by students. As a safety professional, I know how difficult it can be to engage the students and ensure that they leave the classroom with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions in the field.

I want to thank the Public Sector Practice Specialty of ASSE for sponsoring my session. An extra special thank you to Leo DeBobes, the Administrator of the PSPS, who highlighted my session and a couple of others that the PSPS sponsored for ASSE 2015. I’m hoping that members across all industries attend the session, because Gamification can add to any training situation.

PSPS Gamification post

When I recently asked a friend for some pointers on making this Gamification session the best I can make it, she suggested I present the information in plain English! In her limited research of the topic online, she found that no one seems to be able to explain the concept in a simplified manner. So that has become my goal for the ASSE Safety 2015 session – a plain english explanation of the Gamification so that each attendee can deploy Gamification techniques immediately when they return to their office! I’ve been a student of Gamification for almost two years now, so I will be able to pass along my knowledge in an understandable manner so that others may benefit.

See you in Dallas!

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