Abby’s Approachable Coffee

I know Bulletproof Coffee is popular right now, but it seems like a lot of work. Just over a month ago, I reached a maximum skeeve point with our traditional (plastic) coffee maker. My husband and I were frequenting the coffee shop more than I would like, increasing our “latte factor.”

A friend of mine had raved about her Chemex over a year ago, so I looked it up on Amazon. It was a little too pricey, so I passed. The gunk and plastic of our coffee maker led us to switch to green tea, and that led me to the store for an electrical hot kettle so we could stop using the stovetop and tea pot. Plus, the whistle of the kettle scared the pets.

While wandering the aisles of Target for a hot kettle, I found what looked like a Chemex, except at a much lower price point. It came with a reusable filter and was a brand I’m familiar with, Bodum. I’m not being compensated for this post, although, if anyone from Bodum reads this, I would not turn away any gifts!

I quickly purchased the kettle and Bodum pour-over thingy and returned home to make coffee like a hipster.

Here’s my approachable coffee recipe that is even better than the coffee shop!


1. Choose your coffee. I’ve had great results with $5.99/bag grounds like the Hawaiian blend I’ve got right now or whole bean, grind yourself bags that cost double or more. See, its the process, not the coffee. Trust me, you’ll be happy.

2. Boil water on stovetop or in hot kettle.

3. Pour hot water over the grounds. You’ll learn the optimal pouring speed. I found that it’s slower when you grind whole beans yourself, but maybe that is due to my grinder.


That’s what my Bodum looks like after I’ve poured one out for myself. I like to put a little bit of rice milk in a mug and microwave it before adding coffee. It’s my lazy latte.

Rinse or wash the filter and carafe when you’re done. Or let it go a couple days, because when did you ever clean your old coffee maker?!

You’ll find your style. The point is, you can ditch your gross plastic coffee maker and start enjoying coffee how it’s meant to be!

Pouring doesn’t take that long, so don’t worry about missing the convenience of your timer on your coffee maker.

I have been doing this for a few months now. In a fit of spring cleaning yesterday, I nearly threw away our old coffee maker. Instead, I cut the cord off and now its a play kitchen piece for our toddler.

Good luck in your coffee adventures! Share your tips in the comments.


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  1. Can never go wrong with another toy for the tot! Sometimes the newness wears off and you just have to try something different. This is an interesting concept, but I still like my auto-drip, timer controlled coffee maker. I’m the only one in my house who knows how to make coffee and I need it to be ready when I get up in the morning. The fresh-brewed aroma is one of the things that awakens my senses……not discounting the beeping when the brew process has completed. No pets to annoy in my house either. πŸ™€πŸΆπŸ™‰

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