Minnesota will be BIG in Texas!


Thanks to the Northwest ASSE Chapter for plugging my upcoming presentation at Safety 2015 in Dallas. I am really excited for the opportunity to speak at the big dance. I consider ASSE the top organization for safety professionals, so speaking at their largest event of the year is pretty much the Super Bowl of safety!

For those of you heading to Texas in June, here’s a list of my fellow Northwest Chapter members who will be speaking at Safety 2015. I may be biased, but I know each session is going to be informative and dynamic.

See you in Texas!

NW Chapter has “Texas-Size” Presence at ASSE Safety 2015 in Dallas

 They say “everything is big in Texas” which includes the Chapter’s representation of Concurrent Session Guest Speakers at the upcoming national PDC in Dallas in June. The NW Chapter has over 10 Chapter members who will be presenting various safety and health topics at Safety 2015 breakout sessions. The following is a list of some of these concurrent sessions given by Chapter members:

Session 509  
Hearing Conservation Programs in Construction- New Perspectives
Presented by: Donald Garvey

Session 541
Occupational Injury in Schools
Presented by: Katie Schofield & Luke Sammon

Session 663
What Industrial Contractors Need To Know About MSHA Before Work at a Mine Site
Presented by: Terry Keenan

Session 723
Step Up Your Game! Using Gamification Techniques to Enhance Training Delivery
Presented by: Abby Ferri

Session 752
Fundamentals of SH & E: Risk Management
Presented by: Diana Stegall

Session 765
Wellness: Beg and Bribe or use Design
Presented by: Jill Kelby

Session 766
Human Error: There is No Root Cause
Presented by: Rick Pollock

Session 767
Worker Fatigue- An “Eye-Opening” Safety and Health Epidemic
Presented by: Kurt VonRueden

Session 774
Zero Injury State- Does It Matter?
Presented by: Elbert Sorrell

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