A Brief Relapse

I have a confession (cue the Usher song), I shopped at Target last weekend. I even downloaded the Cartwheel app and used it.


I just re-read my post from four months ago about quitting Target and I think everything is going to be OK.

I went to Target due to convenience of some food and household items I could swoop in one trip. A half-hour later and I was down $100 in a typical, basic Target run. I know I’m not alone, it happens to everyone.

I am regrouping and recommitting to my Target-free 2015:

1. Continue to buy toiletries at CVS and Amazon. This past week was the exciting QUARTERLY EXTRABUCKS EXTRAVAGANZA at CVS (that’s my term), and I was bestowed a $7 coupon and a $6 coupon back to back. The coupons are good for purchases of $30 and more, so I use them when I need vitamins (but only when vitamins are BOGO or 50% off) or diapers and wipes.

Amazon has Prime Day coming up next week, so I may have to write an Amazon exclusive blog about how I use Prime, Pantry, and Subscribe n Save.

I recently experienced an Amazon moment of zen when the Subscribe n Save shipment arrived just as our two months supply of toilet paper ran out. Ohmmmmm.

Quick note on CVS buying drugstores in Target, I will continue to use my neighborhood CVS because they have a drive-thru pharmacy and it is awesome. I think the business move only shows how well CVS is doing and I like that it kinda sticks it to Target. Boom!

2. Continue to use apps like Ibotta, Receipt Pal, Shopkick, and others to save money in an easy and almost fun way. Yes, it’s a little silly to scan your items after they’re in the fridge and pantry then take pictures of your receipts, but some of those Ibotta deals are good lately!! I’m hopeful they will add more stores.

3. Add more local shopping to the mix. This is something I need to improve upon. I have ZERO excuses for not shopping farmers markets. There’s at least twenty within a 10 mile radius of me, year-round, and I live in what some would call the frozen tundra!

Our neighborhood co-op is expanding and I recently checked it out when I needed some stir fry sauces (just add rice and veggies). The co-op was adorable and already has everything you need. I’m really excited for their expansion because the store will be epic and I think it will mean a lot for our neighborhood.

We’ve taken advantage of the amazing butcher shop a few blocks away for summer BBQs and the quality of food is wonderful! However, $3 each for ketchup, mustard, and relish was not a good buy and had we planned our shopping trips better, this could’ve been avoided.

4. Clip the damn coupons. This is something I’ve let fall by the wayside. Now that my daughter is in daycare, I have a lot more time for household management activities – unpacking boxes (yeah, we moved almost a year ago, what?), keeping up with laundry, and deeper house cleaning. I need to add couponing back into the mix. Heck, the local co-op has a coupon flyer and carries many national organic brands that Coupons.com and other sources regularly have coupons for. Again, no excuses!

That’s it for now until I rustle up some thoughts on Amazon for next week. Did you quit Target too? Do you have a favorite money-saving app that I didn’t mention? Share the wealth please!


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