Tis the Complacency Season

It’s that time of year again – the annual war on complacency in the workplace. It is fought on many fronts: construction jobsites, production floors, and even in the corporate office. Here’s some tips to blend the holidays with workplace safety to make sure your workers stay safe, productive, and merry.

Incorporate holiday themes into training and meetings. As appropriate, add some home safety tips when discussing workplace safety.

For example, if your tailgate meeting at the jobsite is about ladder safety, talk about using the correct height ladder at home when hanging holiday decorations.


With Thanksgiving approaching, many honey-do lists will include decorating for December holidays. Encourage workers to download the NIOSH Ladder Safety app to show their kids how to check that a ladder is properly setup.

Mind the cold. For many areas, the climate is starting to turn nasty. Take this time to educate workers on cold stress. Just like with heat stress, the body needs to acclimate to the changing temperatures. As cold rains turn to snow, remind workers to bring an extra set of dry clothing to work with them, just in case they get caught in the elements.

Show appreciation. If your company hosts a holiday shindig, great, you can skip this tip. If not, take the initiative to show appreciation for safe work practices by catering a breakfast or lunch during the holiday season. If budget is tight, a pot luck could be coordinated instead. Sharing a meal with coworkers during the holidays is always a fun and memorable way to maintain or boost morale. For some folks, the holidays aren’t merry for different reasons, having a positive experience at work might be just what someone needs during a tough time.

Show that you care. As many people set out on family road trips for the holidays, remind them of roadway safety basics. This information is widely available from insurance carriers and safety associations and makes for great newsletter or bulletin board content. Reminders on drunk/buzzed driving, seatbelt use, icy conditions, packing an emergency kit, and other winter weather topics can help keep workers focused on safety whether they are on or off the jobsite.



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