My Hamilton Experience

It’s been nearly a week since I saw Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theater in New York. I’m still a huge fan, a HamilFan if you will, and I thought I’d revive my blog to post about it.

I’ve unscientifically identified some stages of the Hamilton experience.

Obsessive listening to the original cast recording (“soundtrack”).

This listening could be prompted by a few things : Buzz before the Tony Awards. Buzz after the Tony Awards. Or excited listening in preparation for or longing to seeing the show LIVE (OMG). I’ve also heard of teachers using the cast recording in their classroom – don’t worry, there’s an edited version for this purpose. I listen to the explicit version.


Plotting to see the show.

I researched seat views to pick the best seats from the very short supply of seats on the one day we decided we could go to the show. I had a perma-smile as I entered my credit card information for my Ticketmaster resale seats.


Actual view from my seat, taken before the show – Row B of Front Mezzanine, seat 7.

Seeing the show.

Or a continuous cycle of aspirational enthusiastic listening while envisioning the show in your head, pieced together by photos you find online.

If you’re a huge fan with hours of listening to the cast recording under your belt, beware! It is difficult to not sing and dance while watching the show live!! When the King does his first song, and says “everybody!” – there were some of us singing along with the “da da da dat da” part, so it’s not a totally stiff experience. I may or may not have said “Southern Motherf*n Democratic Republicans” aloud, what can I say, some things are involuntary.

The seats at the theater have very little leg room between you and the row in front of you. I spent the show either leaned intently forward while bobbing my head or leaned back in amazement. I actually entered the statement “do people dance at Hamilton” into Google a few weeks before the show, and found this great article.

Full disclosure, I may have gestured with hands a bit like you would at a hip hop show during some of the more intense and quick lines – you know, Hercules Mulligan stuff, Thomas Jefferson stuff, and of course Washington and Hamilton stuff. The Cabinet Battles live are amazing. And let’s not forget when Alexander Hamilton first appears, “My name is Alexander Hamilton.” AMAZING moment seeing Javier Munoz for the first time and how he paused and took in the screaming from the theater!

This is a fun Reddit to read about other people’s experiences with Hamilton.



Plotting when you’ll see the show again.

Yeah, Hamilton is my Titanic. I will see it multiple times. I will collect memorobilia. I will have cried during the show and during obsessive listening of the original cast recording.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, this third stage of the Hamilton experience is realizing that seeing the show live (OMG!) is getting closer to your reach with the announcement of the touring production and shows in major cities like Chicago.


“Can I be real a second, for just one millisecond?” George Washington/Chris Jackson

Let’s get real, how has life changed since seeing Hamilton? If you ask my husband, he’d say not much. I still listen to the soundtrack frequently, except now he can sing with me! He even finds great Hamilton memes to answer my text messages… imgres.jpg

You better believe I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack in the plane on the way back home.

And you BETTER believe that I’m still listening to the soundtrack at least once each day as I work. I can’t help it. It’s motivating, entertaining, and puts me in a creatively productive head space. Thanks Lin-Manuel!


“WORK” The Schuyler Sisters


Christopher Jackson, the original George Washington, favorited my tweet as my husband and I sat at the bar waiting to line up outside the theater.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.59.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.59.44 AM.png

The bathroom line was crazy, but we all got through during the 15 minute intermission.

We bought merch: the A.Ham hat. I wish we bought the poster, but that’s available online anyway.

Tony Parker and his wife sat one row behind us – pretty cool!

If I had to choose favorites performers, I can’t! The entire cast was amazing. Highlights were Javier Munoz eliciting unexpected emotions, Seth Stewart as Jefferson/Lafayette was ridiculously cool, and we got to see Renee Elise Goldsberry in her last weekend as Angelica Schuyler.

If you’ve made it this far, share your Hamilton experience in the comments!



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  1. Funny stuff Abby! Glad you got to see it on Broadway. I am just reading the book. Truly a fascinating man and life. His grasp of financial concepts, and the ability to put them to work, is stunning.

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