A Day Without a Woman


(image from https://blog.hardhathub.com/hard-hat-hub-celebrates-women-in-construction-wic-week/)

During Women’s History Month in 2017, a social media movement, #adaywithoutawoman, was conducted to demonstrate the importance of women’s contributions. I went to work that day because I taught a Construction Safety course as part of a Construction Management program at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN. I took the opportunity to discuss women in construction and women’s contributions to worker safety and health.

I learned from the class as they learned about some women’s contributions to the field of safety and health. The students remarked on how they had not heard of these women before, which led to a conversation about why a movement like #adaywithoutawoman is important, even in 2017 (and still in 2018!)

Here’s the assignment for class discussion. I’ll break them up into groups and give them time to research and put together a presentation. Please feel free to download this Word document and use in your classroom, board room, or any other forum available to you during Women’s History Month. Let me know if you do!


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