The Heat is (Almost) On!

It’s a beautiful Friday morning in Minneapolis! Summer is almost here and our bodies will start acclimatizing to the heat. In the workplace, this adjustment is critical. Heck, even for us Weekend Warriors, it’s important to understand how the heat can impact the body when you’re exerting yourself.

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I was asked to be a guest on the BLR “EHS on Tap” podcast, and the result is a fast-paced, info-packed, and practical refresher on heat illness prevention best practices for employers, supervisors, and workers. You can listen to it here.

For those safety professionals attending ASSE’s Safety 2017 in Denver next month, I’m moderating a panel on this topic with a different approach. The panel is comprised of high-level athletes and coaches, as well as one safety professional from the construction industry. In preparation for this panel, I’ve learned that there is so much that safety pros can learn from athletic trainers who have studied heat illness and the athletes who deal with it directly. I hope to see you there and at other events throughout the conference!

Abby Ferri at Safety 2017.png

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