I’m unexpectedly bummed about the news of the official tally of votes regarding the ASSE name change. ASSE will shift to ASSP next year at Safety 2018 in San Antonio. My initial thoughts:

ASSE/ASSP members need to get active! Only 4,918 votes were received out of 35,138 eligible voters within ASSE membership. So, 3,651 votes decided the name change. Whether you’re happy with the vote or not, please put more into the society. The logo change was voted down by the House of Delegates, so there will be room for improvement in the overall branding of ASSP.

We need you to be active participants in this inclusive Society. Contact me if you don’t know where to start. I have mentored three companies and a dozen individuals on how to increase their ROI of their ASSE membership.

E vs. P was never an issue for me. My dad is a Mechanical Engineer, like a real and college-educated ENGINEER. The definition of the term “engineer” does not exclusively say that one must have an engineering degree. The act of engineering is something that safety pros do all the time! I do understand the arguments that Professional is a more inclusive term than Engineer, so I get it. I’ve been called a lot worse than Engineer or Professional in the past 15 years…

ASSE has always been there. I know ASSP will be too, but it’s just different, OK? 2018 marks my 15th year as an ASSE member. I started as a student member while in college, and have been a member of three other chapters since then. At each chapter, I’ve been involved in something whether it was a volunteer committee or an elected board position.

My most meaningful connections to other safety professionals can be traced back to ASSE involvement. That’s huge. If you are a member and do not feel the same, you’re doing it wrong. Please reach out and I can help you plug in at your chapter level or aim for society level involvement!

It’s going to be an adjustment. I remember being a board member with the Orange County Chapter when we transitioned to calling central ASSE initiatives and departments “the Society.” As I write this, I can’t remember what we used to call it! I just remember board meetings having an equivalent of a “swear jar” whenever someone used the wrong term. This proves I can adjust! Soon, mentions of ASSE will feel weird as I get used to ASSP.

The bottom line is that the Society will continue to exist and serve its members. I’ll continue to be involved and encourage others to increase their involvement. ASSP will continue what ASSE has started and last another 100+ years.

See you in San Antonio!!

(I am bringing some extra cash to San Antonio to buy some ASSE gear, because I’m a Gen-X who loves repping the retro look)

4 thoughts on “ASSE to ASSP

  1. Dolores says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and being an involved member. We don’t plan to have any ASSE gear left for the 2018 PDC. I believe the last of the insignia items will be available at our October and November conferences. I do hope to see you wearing a ASSP shirt in the future.

    • theferrigroup says:

      My discount dreams are dashed!! Send me an advance ASSP shirt and mug and I’ll post all over!! I am trying to get to the leadership conference…

  2. Paul Collins says:

    I too was disappointed in the numbers and P v E is not a big deal for me especially since I’m a P and not an E. Just surprised that re-branding occurred with only 14% of of the organization responding would have thought a quorum would have been required.

    • theferrigroup says:

      The House of Delegates vote in favor then went on to the membership. I don’t remember the margin at HoD, but it was similar to the membership vote.

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