Keep the Conference Alive – NSC Prep

I can’t make it to the National Safety Council Congress and Expo this year – so I want to help fellow safety pros plan to have a productive go of the show.

It’s so fun going to safety conferences to see safety pros from around the world and learn about what they’re doing at the respective companies. Oh yeah, then there’s the official educational sessions of course… Ya know, when you’re *not* cruising around the expo hall!

To help you get the most out of your NSC experience, I encourage you to approach the event with the intention that you will keep that conference feeling alive for longer than the few days you’ll spend in safety euphoria with a swag bag on your shoulder full of PPE samples and marketing materials. Yes – I’m challenging you to ride the conference wave for a week, month, or longer after you are back at your office, away from all of your old and new safety friends.

Here’s some ideas, what do you think?

keep the conference alive.png

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