Safety is not Rocket Science Part 2


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As a follow up to the Safety Is Not Rocket Science concept I had the opportunity to listen to a podcast by my favorite podcaster Gary Vaynerchuck and he had this guest on there who I just found to be just completely amazing. Her name is Cy Wakeman…I think that’s right. And…she’s in the human resources field and she has a really cool concept about ego. And…about how it plays into the work place and there’s just…just look up her stuff and you’ll see there is so much cool stuff going on. She has a really interesting way of looking at it but… of the gems from the podcast that I listen to was about self reflection and how self reflection can lead to accountability. And….accountability is a huge word in the field of safety. Us safety professionals are always trying to um…make sure that there’s accountability amongst managers, front line supervisors, and individual employees. So, but especially management. So I thought of something that I just did a recent training with a client and…there were a lot of good things that happened and there were some things that I think if they thought about it that they would want to approve. And…in order to not lose any of those lessons I’m going to take what I learned from Ms. Wakeman’s appearance on Gary V’s show and kinda try to force some accountability…in a good way. So all I’m going to do is ask the client: How do you think that went? I’m not going to push my opinion, what I thought (unless they ask me) but I’m going to just ask them: “How do you think that went”? And…so without judgement, without inserting my opinion I’m putting it back on them to think about the training that we just had and…since we were all there and they’re intelligent people. I know that they’re probably going to arrive at a lot of the same conclusions that I did. But, they’re the ones that can do something about it so….there’s the accountability aspect. So,  it’s kind of a huge concept but I just really latched onto it from that podcast. Self reflection is opportunity for accountability. There’s probably a better way to say it but I’m not finding it right now but I just wanted to make sure to remember this lesson. So….how you can push accountability through self reflection is by asking an open ended question that is meant for the person that you are asking to self reflect on it? And if you’re in like a manager situation where you are asking that question of a direct report…you could give some kind of follow update and say… well… in this situation that I’m asking my client I would say “How do you think that went”? Why don’t you think about it and let’s talk in a couple of days. So…putting some kind of end point on it and some follow up so there’s some accountability within the accountability. So let me know how that goes I think it’s a really ….it’s a simple concept but it’s so just so fine tuned and it’s so smart. And…it’s so different from um..any other way that I’ve heard safety accountability be discussed and of course it comes from an HR professional…so that’s not surprising. So…again accountability…opportunities from self reflection. Just ask an open ended question you may or may not want to give and end date for when you are going to meet back up and talk about it but… just ask that open ended question to find out what someone thinks about something and push them to reflect on it themselves without you interjecting your opinion and meet back up with them and see where you can go with it.

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