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January 2, 2018 update, here’s the OSHA enforcement guidelines for the construction standard.

The image above is part of a series from OSHA that has been used in publication of the new silica standard. One of the quotes is from former Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins. Did you know that in 1938, she convened a “Stop Silicosis” conference? We’ve known of the impact of silica on workers’ health for YEARS. Please use this information for anyone who is slow to adopt or understand the new standard, it is way overdue. Here’s a vintage video that was produced during Ms. Perkins’ Stop Silicosis initiative.

I also found these letters, written to Ms. Perkins. It is sad how their words echo concerns I hear from workers now.

Earlier this week, I partnered with Nilfisk to deliver a webinar on silica dust and strategies for compliance. The recording of the webinar can be accessed after providing your name an email at this link.

The Q&A includes 12 questions answered in depth by the Nilfisk rep and me, and can be accessed at the link below. The slide download is also below. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think can find it useful!

Silica Webinar Q&A

Silica Webinar Slides

As usual, if you have questions or need to discuss this or any other safety topics further, please reach out via social media, email, or text!

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