Hazardous Materials Webinar Wrap-Up

I just wrapped up a webinar with BLR on Hazardous Materials Training Requirements. In the session, I provided a foundation of information on what OSHA and DOT are looking for related to haz mat training.


It’s tough to know the background of everyone on a webinar of this size, so I provided some general information and resources for further study.

The bottom line with haz mat training, and training on any other workplace exposure is that you should be able to answer this question from OSHA positively:

“Did the employee receive adequate training to do the job?”

Click on the image below to access OSHA’s publication from 2015, it’s pretty informative!

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.07.06 PM.png 

Hazardous materials training required by DOT includes employers in many aspects of transportation. It’s not just the physical transportation of the hazardous materials but also employers who manufacture the packaging and packaging elements of hazardous materials.

Training on elements of a company’s security plan are also required, including specific responsibilities an employee may have in the event of a security breach.

I provided some suggested strategies for the different types of training.


Finally, I provided links for further study:

OSHA 1910.120 Appendix C

49 CFR 172.700-172.704

EPA’s List of Lists of Chemicals subject to EPCRA, CERCLA, and Clean Air Act

Subpart G – 49 CFR 172.600 – 172.606 – Emergency Response

Subpart H – 49 CFR 172.704


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