Augmented Reality and Safety


A quick message on using augmented reality to delivery safety messages in real time at your worksite. It’s part daydream and part SOMETHING THAT CAN REALLY HAPPEN SOON!




2 thoughts on “Augmented Reality and Safety

  1. Elise Fischer says:

    Hi Abby, I’ve long had a similar idea around animated apps very short that would give workers a refresher on key aspects of high-hazard operations like confined spaces and respiratory protection lockout tagout etc. One of the things that would be helpful if it could be built into using these emojis is on the back end tracking when a worker listen to it before a job whether it’s a more specific app training for a high-hazard job or general process reminders is to have some way of the phone’s talking to each other so it could go on record that the worker used it without having to sign anything. But it’s there in the background for documentation if needed. Working on an app where I’m at now the technology within a company can be very cumbersome. Hopefully you can find a way through that technology-challenge. Building the app itself is the easy part. Elise

    • theferrigroup says:

      I can imagine an in house app might be tough! Check out a company called Corvex Connected Safety, they have the real time tracking you’re talking about! I’d be happy to make an intro for you if you’d like more personalized info.

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