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I receive a lot of emails that mention picking my brain. I am asked a LOT about how I got started in safety and how I transitioned into consulting. To save myself some time, I have gathered this link list of my top posts on the life cycle of a safety career.

After perusing these links, please feel free to reach out with specific questions. These links tell my story and I hope they can provide some insight as you begin your own story!

Spilling My Safety Secrets part 1

Spilling My Safety Secrets part 2

Unofficial Online Mentoring – a.k.a. how to pick one’s brain efficiently and with consideration

Social Media and the Life Cycle of a Safety Career

A Side of Safety – ideas for safety side hustles

Ask Abby Anything (Safety)

We had a conversation, you picked my brain, was it valuable? Please compensate me for my time and get in touch if there’s anything else we should collaborate on!


Resume Review

After payment, you will receive an email to get started! Service includes review of your current resume, a first draft for your review and a final draft after your comments that includes: Word document in traditional resume format, a Word document in non-traditional resume format, a Word document with images of your certifications included (if applicable).


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