We Need Young Professionals!

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I’m in a birth year that puts me in both the Millennial and Generation X categories. Depending on the context, I don’t mind being lumped in either category. However, it puts me in a weird spot:

Many of my peers in the profession still call me “kid,” even now that I have a kid of my own!

I’m still the youngest person in the room…

I’m not eligible for 30 under 30 lists. I don’t feel old enough yet for a 40 under 40 list.

This voice blog is about energizing the REAL young professionals to step up and get involved.


6 thoughts on “We Need Young Professionals!

  1. Russell says:

    Thanks in advance for kicking off this series. I’m 34 but new into the field, and would love to make up for lost time putting down roots. I’ll definitely be paying attention. (Found the post via email subscription through WordPress settings)

    • theferrigroup says:

      Welcome to the best profession!!

      • Chuck Hampton says:

        Abby, I liked hearing your voice and your thoughts. You’ve done quit well and I’m sure others will enjoy working with you. Didn’t favor your leaving Filanc, but felt you knew what you were doing. You should be so proud. By the way, what’s the oldest a young professional can be? Remember, age is only a number. Where are you living/working now? Chuck.

      • theferrigroup says:

        Chuck! Send me an email! abbyferri@gmail.com it would be great to catch up!

  2. Russell says:

    I’ve typed and re-typed my comment a couple times. My barriers to entry are lame! I’m going to my ASSE chapter meeting in April. I’m on a tight budget, so paid membership will come a little later. But for starters, I’m declaring it’s not up to my employer to advance my career!

    • theferrigroup says:

      Your last statement is so true. Even if an employer offers continuing education or other encouragement it is still up to the individual to direct that energy and budget!

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