A new safety and social media skill


I learned about a new (to me) platform for content creation. Scroll through any social media feed and you’ll likely see videos that auto-play with text. These videos can be viewed without the sound on and the viewer can still understand the video. This is a huge part of social media and the way that information is shared. Like it or not, short attention span theater is here to stay for our personal life and in the workplace.

I’ve spoken about catering to the short attention span crowd in previous posts by using gamification and social media. Meet workers where they are!

The new platform I’ve played around with today is called Lumen5. If you have a blog, you can enter a specific post link into the Lumen5 interface, and create a video in about 5 minutes. They have a great selection of stock images and videos that you can use to make your info come to life. I made two videos today and will add this skill to my social media marketing quiver! Check out the videos below…pretty cool huh?


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