I wish someone had told me about written programs

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They’re the bane of a safety pro’s existence, yet they’re the foundation of everything we do. I wish someone had told me about written programs! I was introduced to a 12″+ stack of papers at my first employer – listen on for details and lessons learned…


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  1. Hi Abby. I still see programs that are very generic and the verbiage comes straight from OSHA, which we know is the minimum. What is actually sad is the programs have been reviewed by a vast number of personnel including EHS personnel and are set in stone within contracts; therefore, unless there is an IDLH situation, nothing can be changed. The other document(s) that produce poor details or the lack there of is the JHS/JSA. I truly believe there are a vast number of EHS and supervisory personnel that do not understand the complete process of writing these documents. Maybe that could be another topic for you website. Thanks for sharing. Erich

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