Highlights of OSHA’s Updated Outreach Trainer Guidelines

Hey everyone! I haven’t taught an OSHA 10 or 30 Hour yet this year, but I will need to make some changes for the next class I teach. And so will you!

Read the new Outreach Training Program Requirements manual here, there’s a handy summary of changes page at the beginning to give you an overview of what to expect.

If you’d prefer to not read the summary page and then scroll through the document, I hit some of the highlights for you below:

  • Section IV.A.2 has two new paragraphs to explain how to meet the requirement to ensure you are affiliated with only one Authorizing Training Organization (ATO) per industry.
  • Section V.A. has 4 new paragraphs of responsibilities for trainers. The biggest changes I see in this section is #3 Use of Legal Names on Outreach Training Program Documents and Cards. Make sure that your outreach trainer card has your name on it as it’s stated on your drivers license or other government-issued document. For example, I’ve got to use Abigail, not Abby.
  • The Intro to OSHA section is now required to be one hour instead of two. You can find updated classroom materials that now include GHS info as it relates to HazCom
  • Separate sign in sheets must be completed for each day of a course. Printed or typed first and last names must be next to student signatures. Each sign-in sheet must include the course name, date, time, training location (name, city, and state). The instructors’ printed first and last name and signatures must also be on the daily sign-in sheets!


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