Summer 2018 Compliance Roundup

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 6.02.05 PM.pngI took a quick break from the AGC of America Safety and Health Conference to present a one hour webinar with BLR and Avetta. The webinar topic of compliance came up from BLR’s staff in response to a surprisingly active OSHA inspection and regulatory season that spilled into summer. A couple new voluntary standards added to this busy mix.

You can download my slides at the link below. There’s links for further info throughout.

2018.07.25 Summer Roundup

This blog goes beyond the webinar to highlight the main topics and include answers to questions that came up during the presentation.


I strongly suggest reading more about the standard here and contacting your favorite dropped objects prevention solution manufacturer or supplier to find out more. My favorite source of dropped object prevention solutions is Ergodyne, and they have a lot of resources on their YouTube channel as well. You can also listen to an archive of an Ergodyne & OHS webinar and download the informational slides.

OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces

This standard is the “OG” of the standards I discussed on the webinar, it’s been around the longest of the “new” standards safety pros are working with. However, there are still some compliance deadlines and some confusion about training and other requirements.

Multiple questions came up during the webinar about ladderways and how to guard them per the new standard. 1910.29(b) is the place to look for all requirements about guardrail systems. There were a few questions that were raised in the webinar that were too specific to answer in the general session.


I included a breakdown of the first 6 months of OSHA enforcement of this standard in construction in the webinar slides. Please view that and contact me or your other favorite OSHA expert with any other questions!

2018 OSHA Enforcement Agenda

The webinar slides have links and info on the latest related to OSHA’s 2018 activity and summaries of 2017 activity.

ISO 45001

Contrary to some industry assumptions, you do not need to achieve OSHSAS 18001 or 18002 or other ISO standard to work towards or achieve ISO 45001! The voluntary standard provides some great guidance for any size company, in any industry, and in any state of safety system development (revision, audit, or from scratch).

Here’s some resources for courses to prepare for the ISO 45001 auditor exam:

ASSP ISO 45001 Certificate


SAI Global

Exemplar Global



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  1. Adrianne says:

    Hi Abby! I participated in this webinar and found the information very worthwhile. Great job presenting! I wasn’t sure how to download your powerpoint presentation so that I may review the links you provided. Is it possible to have the powerpoint presentation emailed to me? I’ll follow up with an email. Thanks.

    • theferrigroup says:

      Please email me and I can send the PPT file direct. The PDF of the slides is in this post 👷‍♀️👍

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