I already taught you this!

This week was HUGE for those who follow Gary Vaynerchuk and aspire to be a master of online content like he is. I clicked on his Gary Vee Content Model link with anticipation – I felt I was about to learn something that would unlock some magical world of social media marketing. Some wizardry that I would be able to digest and put a safety spin on for my fellow safety professionals. I was stoked to learn that there, of course, was NO magic. It’s hard work, it’s content creation, and it’s something I ALREADY TAUGHT YOU if you’ve attended any of my in-person sessions, webinars, or virtual symposiums!

If you want me to tell you again, please get in touch 😉

The following images, except the first one that I just made today as an intro, are from a presentation I started back in 2014 and have updated for sessions since then. It is over-simplified as it does not include ALL of the ways I get my content out there. I’ve posted about those on this blog and you can find the posts by starting with this one and clicking links inside the post.


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