WISE Administrator’s Message – September 2018

From 9/21/18

🍂🍁WISE Administrator’s Message for September🍁🍂
This month has flown by and the WISE Advisory Committee has been hard at work matching mentors and mentees; hosting a ChapterWISE call for activated and enthusiastic volunteers throughout the world; planning for Safety 2019 (yes, already!); identifying new ways to recognize WISE members for their accomplishments; and putting together the inaugural Women’s Workplace Safety Summit. In between all of that (or often at the exact same time), WISE members are balancing their LIVES as kids went back to school, big “kids” went off to college, some WISE members are back to school (virtually and in college labs and classrooms!), bucket list travel took WISE members all over the globe, and for some – retirement!

The theme of #excellenceinWISE initially meant that WISE members demonstrate skill, empathy, and leadership in safety and health at their organizations and respective industries. But as the summer went on, it became clear that WISE members excel in so many areas, not just the industry that we all share.

We’ve got one more week of the “Communities Launch ASSP” contest, and I still feel that WISE has a strong chance at running away with the win! WISE continues to be an engaged and active ASSP community, and I can tell that the #excellenceinWISE initiative has been challenging for some. We don’t often shout out our own accomplishments.

How many times did YOU forget to celebrate your success this summer? Take this last week to let us know how you demonstrated #excellenceinWISE this summer and let’s show everyone what WISE is about, and that we’re proud to be ASSP! Use the hashtag here, on your personal Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember there are prizes at stake – one winner will be drawn for each week that the contest ran this summer, and WISE swag will be shipped after 9/28/18 when the contest closes.


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