Ergo tips for flex workers

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Happy National Flex Day! Since 2013, October 15th has been used to raise awareness and understanding of flexible working schedules for American workers. When I think of flexible work, I think of laptops, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and this viral video

I am a safety pro who works well in flexible working environments, however I have a confession to make. Yes, my undergraduate degree is in Exercise Science, and I LOVED the biomechanics coursework during my Master’s program in Environment Health & Safety, HOWEVER I have horrible ergonomics practices when it comes to my laptop.

My posture with my laptop (when not at my office desk) is abysmal and looks like all of the “before” or “don’t do this” photos shown in training and materials on the topic found widely online.


(image from

Therefore, I can’t teach you this from experience, but I will learn alongside you. Let’s improve our laptop ergonomics! After a quick search for visuals and easy info, here’s what I’ve learned and will be improving right away:

  1. Raise the laptop screen, if you use the laptop on your lap or on a dining table or desk, the screen is too low causing your neck to be strained.
  2. Use a wireless keyboard and mouse. When you raise your laptop screen, the laptop’s keyboard goes with it! So, you’ll need some new gadgets…I’ll follow-up with what I find on Amazon or in the stock room at work.

Extra credit:

*Use a standing desk. Your external gadgets (keyboard & mouse) will need to be used too.

*Use an external monitor.

*Carry your laptop in a backpack!

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