Coronavirus communication for safety and risk professionals

After receiving multiple calls, texts, emails, and DMs, I sat down and wrote a white paper for you on Coronavirus. I hope it brings value to you and it helps you do your job 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!!

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click to download the Coronavirus white paper for safety & risk pros



6 thoughts on “Coronavirus communication for safety and risk professionals

  1. Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi says:

    Wonderful Abbey to see this. I also sent my 5th Administrator message exclusively focusing on this. Regards, Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi

  2. Cheryl says:

    This is a fantastic article. I am great full you are allowing us to share this.

  3. Krisha says:

    Thank you Abby…. We have many in Texas starting to panic. You are amazing! Thanks again!

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