August 24, 2020 Safety News

This week I’m a speaker at the ENR Groundbreaking Women in Construction event. It’s usually held in-person and is virtual this year, which meant I can actually attend! If you’re looking for a solid event this week, you can still register, it starts today and you won’t miss out! Use code Ferri15 for 15% off of any registration level.

If you’re landing here on my site BECAUSE of the GWIC event, welcome! Here’s the links I mentioned in the safety moment:

Safety Justice League

VPPPA Leader Magazine – PPE for Psychosocial Impact

ASSP Women’s Safety Report 

ASSP/ISEA Guidelines for Women’s PPE and Apparel Technical Report


This week’s Safety Justice League podcasts include our 100th podcast(!!), guests Stan & Ken from Northern Safety on Wednesday, and Tony Taylor on Friday. Make sure to “follow” the Safety Justice League podcast on your platform of choice, or stream at our website, there’s a lot of great episodes in the archives too! Binge away…


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